With Trump’s “invasion” of Britain, I am moved to more deliberately enact resistance by being me and being alive. Specifically, endeavouring to be more open (saying what I think, eg with tact if necessary!), honest, communicative, organised, and be an amazing listener and patiently conspire with myself and my fellow creative collaborators far and wide, to produce work that inspires, uplifts and challenges and grow as individuals and communities.

Thanks be to Trump (for absolutely nothing!) And may the evaporation of toxic masculine colossal embryonic privilege; and the replacement of ignorance, corruption and laziness with actual peace-keeping, humanity-growing, unifying diversity-embracing minds for important jobs be REAL THINGS, REAL SOON.

About The Mollusc Dimension

"Like existence, art, expression and even the urge to explore are in a state of flux, revelation and memory. Each encounter through the doorway, into the state of creativity is a catalyst for action, emotional and spiritual as well as physical and intellectual. As Krishnamurti says, there is no state of happiness but the state of the creative moment." If you have enjoyed The Mollusc Dimension's work, please follow/like/check out his other pages where you can find music and images. This is currently the "Writing Dept" (eg “just words” — well mainly!) for The Mollusc Dimension, AKA Angelus Squid Marr, a British East-Asian experimental, interdisciplinary artist working in music, image and sound. He has a particular interest in themes of identity, queerness, intersectional feminism, surrealism + education and using lo-fi/ everyday materials (words/experiences/equipment) in addition to technology.
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