One of the reasons I started this blog was to document internet trails. Sometimes when I check the spelling of a word for a poem, or want to find out what a word looks like, or who else has used a word, I end up on these little roads of discovery. I know it’s a been a journey of some kind because I can feel my mood transformed and/or it’s fascinating to look back and see where I’ve been.

SCROLL DOWN past the lengthy intro to see the first trail!

However, as is the case with many a spontaneous and “non-cloaked in art” post, I hold back from sharing because I worry that I might be linking to something which is actually written by someone with or associated with an idealogy that actively opposes my existence or that of people I love/support, and/ or it seems pointless and frivolous.

Note: Many external pages contain ads that I DON’T endorse! Please exercise ad blinkers when surfing these pages..

The thing about the former is by the very nature of quick reference and image searching, I am not necessarily going to be checking sources in detail. As for the latter point, one of the ideas of this blog was also to be a curiosity box of highly contrasting moods and material as well as help me remember where I’ve travelled to. Also, it’s a chance to log some of my fleeting responses to flying matter..

So as with other ideas, (following this lengthy preface!!) I will give it a go and see how I feel about it.

TRAIL #001

Searching for a word lodged vicariously between crevice, carapace and cliff, I put in “cravice” and found..

  • Weird banana faces which lead me to
  • A list of traits exhibited by creative people do (Can relate to all of these!)
  • “He can turn your pee into sparks!” (NB: the top three all originated from the same blog!)
  • Acrobatic dance video. A surprisingly satisfying and nourishing result of being lured by a click bait style thumbnail which actually leads to a safe (I assume!) page on the host website. As someone who watches about an hour of TV a week at most – Casualty (UK) if you must know, I found the camera moves very exciting, and the reactions of the viewers. Also, once, many years ago, a friend said that it was time  to move countries because she needed (or wanted) a different linguistic environment. Having just travelled to a place where I could not read the language, but could partially understand by listening and communicate (albeit in a limited manner) by speaking, I valued the chance to take in more regarding body language, mood and energy from non-verbal cues. (To the extent of trying to watch a bunch of videos on the plane just to catch the vibe while not understanding 95% of what the people were saying!)
  • Emotional Acrobatic dance video. (like above but with more shivers)
  • Tourist Spot Acrobatic dance video. I really like the way they they turn up in a random place and do acrobatic dance moves, oblivious to whoever’s around or perhaps enjoying the attention, or even if there’s no one around except the waves and a glowing beach. And they’re professionals, they know what they’re doing. Moreover, they’re just using their own bodies and not bothering anyone.  A symbol of boldness..




About The Mollusc Dimension

The Mollusc Dimension, AKA Angelus Squid Marr is an experimental, interdisciplinary artist working in music, image and sound, with a particular interest in themes of identity, lo-fi/craft/recycled materials, audience interaction, queerness, decolonisation, surrealism + education. This is a place for writing + research with links to other projects.
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