Snake in a tree

I saw a snake in a tree, pretending to be a bird.

Lightning struck but the bird flew.

I heard a cave in the armpit of a giant.

Singing with sweat, while poison dust flew.

I tasted the shadow of a mystery in a cake shop.

Shaped like a crown, the pearls fell before swine.

I attacked the sun, and the sky punched me back!

I changed my scales and the weather didn’t throw me a backward glance.

I lunched with laughter and dined on despair.

Like magical curtains, free water flows from eyes and skies.







Writer Reflections:

Haha! Finally a form which doesn’t matter that I can’t format it on a computer.

The bittersweet sound of success (head-banging gently on table or a toy vehicle repeatedly driving into a shoe).

The form is a statement followed by an answering detail.

The pattern breaks at “I attacked the sun” and “I changed my scales” (I just edited a video for my piece “Baby Dragon” yesterday).

Then back to one more statement and answer.

About The Mollusc Dimension

"Like existence, art, expression and even the urge to explore are in a state of flux, revelation and memory. Each encounter through the doorway, into the state of creativity is a catalyst for action, emotional and spiritual as well as physical and intellectual. As Krishnamurti says, there is no state of happiness but the state of the creative moment." This is currently the "Writing Dept" (eg “just words” — well mainly!) for The Mollusc Dimension, AKA Angelus Squid Marr, an East-Asian, British, experimental, interdisciplinary artist working in music, image and sound. He has a particular interest in themes of identity, queerness, intersectional feminism, surrealism + education and using lo-fi/ everyday materials (words/experiences/equipment) in addition to technology.
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