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A sudden brightness in the rolling breath of time. (The time I met you all)

Dark red leather chesterfields, endless blue wallpaper with a texture that reminds me of the border around school and university photos. A steam punk alternative reality/ computer game. Over there, leaning against the wall, wooden crosses (stakes!). Opposite me, at … Continue reading

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The man who used to wear this shirt

The man who used to wear this shirt is no longer here. For years he was, and then one day, he suddenly disappeared. We looked high, and we looked low, We spooked with superstition, With no more ways for us … Continue reading

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Sometimes I imagine We fell and he lived. He’d be alone. But we have us.   Written: 23/08/2017 It’s strange to notice the quirkier ideas once the fresh blow of bereavement (a number of years) passes. I like poems that … Continue reading

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